Healing with Excitement

Does a word "EXERCISE" frustrate you? Are you fed up of mundane exercise at your physiotherapy centre? Are you ready to enter new era of virtual world of fitness and treatment? Do you really want to feel the effect of Wowwww!!!

iPCU has exciting solution to all such frustrating questions that you have in your mind. First time ever in India; iPCU has introduced the concept of Virtual Rehabilitation program, which makes you fit and fine with lots of fun.

Virtual rehabilitation program is the use of virtual reality and virtual environments within rehabilitation VR & VE can be described real world environments through a computer and experienced through a human body.

Virtual rehabilitation program means full body movement. This rehabilitation program responds to how you move. So if you have to kick, then kick; if you have to jump then jump. All you have to do now is to get up from the couch and entertain your body with this advance exercise and treatment program.


  • Virtual Rehabilitation is able to provide real time experience
  • VR sustains the individual interest in treatment hence recovery will be faster
  • Audio - Video bio feedback helps individual to develop the brain fast
  • VR helps to get the focus easily
  • VR helps to get the done difficult task in easier way


Neurological disorders

  1. Hemiplegia
  2. Multiple sclerosis
  3. Cerebral palsy
  4. Autism
  5. Parkinsonism

Orthopedic conditions

  1. Frozen shoulder
  2. Muscle strengthening exercise
  3. Post ligament sprain
  4. Post fracture exercise
  5. Strengthening for muscle strain

Fitness for specific parts of body

Get treated in virtual world

  • "Treatment for my multiple sclerosis is more than exercise and interaction with therapists. It is thoroughly enjoyment getting treated while playing games through Virtual Rehabilitation program. The efforts by the therapists to treat me helped gain confidence in completely novel method of exercises. I felt this is birth of painless exercising and new era of treatment. In addition to all, charming smiles of therapists at iPCU surely helps you feel homely and better. Now after treatment of more than 40 days, I can confidently walk without any support and do my daily chorus."

    Sanjeev Chittlangia

    A business man

    Multiple Sclerosis patient
  • "I am the record breaker for Virtual Rehabilitation program at iPCU, but whenever I break a record; my therapist puts in yet another target by scoring more than me. This competition between me and my therapist keeps me charged to have fun at clinic with the treatment."

    Nimesh Patel


    Hemiplegic patient
  • "Virtual Rehabilitation program made my stiff legs and body movement very flexible. My right left leg movement and understanding has also improved drastically after this interesting way of treatment. I enjoy getting treated by through Virtual Rehabilitation program."

    Chirag Rathod


  • "Virtual Rehabilitation program helped me make use of my affected lover right limb within 15 days of treatment. Though my right lower limb started responding well, I was not using it properly before. In such a short span of treatment; I even started kicking with left lower limb putting complete body weight on my affected right lower limb."

    Chandrika Patel

    Retd. from government services

    Hemiplegic patient
  • "iPCU is giving treatment to me for paralysis on left side of my body for more than four months. I do not find treatment here to be boring because of set targets in the form of score with time limit on Virtual Rehabilitation program. This interactive treatment keeps me engaged and excited for exercise which has helped me recover drastically faster compared to earlier treatments I took at other clinics."

    Usha Patel

    Home maker

    Hemiplegic patient
  • "It is so interactive to workout with virtual rehabilitation program at iPCU. Every day My workout schedule is different with different goals to achieve. The best is that therapists here knows which muscle of my body need how much of workout; this does not only help strengthening my body muscles but also louse weight.this worked wonders for me!!!"

    Alok Brahmbhatt

    Professional photographer and communication consultant