Team iPCU

Dr. Harshal Brahmbhatt

(Occupational Therapist)

Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached
- Swami Vivekanand

Dr. Harshal Brahmbhatt, Occupational Therapist has imbibed this mantra for life. His dedication towards his patients is immense. A touch of perfection and personal assistance towards his patients makes gives them a permanent cure to their ailment as well as a lifetime guide as well as a friend.

His willingness to do something for the special kids, made him to manage and found Anoora- Learning Center for Special Kids, where he serves as a founder and Managing trustee. He also serves as the Executive Board member of the Gujarat Branch of AIOTA as well as, Trustee at Shree Shakuntal Education Trust.

Dr. Devraj Trivedi

(Occupational Therapist)

Even a small drop can make a huge Ocean.

A friend, philosopher and a guide, can be all found in him. With his calm and sorted personality, he makes his patients feel at home. Believing in every small effort, he gives his last try to make the most difficult task possible. That is what makes him an ideal Principal at Anoora- Learning Center for Special Kids.

He is also a director at SVS English School and a Trustee at Shree Shakuntal Education Trust.