Team iPCU

Professional Physio and Occupational therapists based in Ahmedabad are highly creative, enthusiastic and polite team Dr.Bhoomi Bhatt (BPT), Dr. Harshal Brahmbhatt (BOT) and Dr. Devraj Trivedi (BOT) makes iPCU a successful destination for healing for their patients. The atmosphere of iPCU will always make you feel at home with charming smiles of therapists and healing touch for your better health. The team is constantly guided, monitored and educated by Dr. Sheetal Brahmbhatt (MPT), Registered Physical Therapist USA, (DOR - Director Of Rehabilitation), member of IAP, member of APTA, Registered CPR, Certified in Mulligan manual therapy from Australia and working in Michigan, USA since last 5 yrs as supervising and primary evaluating therapist.

Therapists at iPCU with their experience in the field, in-depth knowledge of treatment and creative thinking continuously innovating interesting ways of involving patients for healing treatment. The therapists at iPCU hold strong field experience and are being continuously upgraded with changing trends of treatments world over. The therapists hold strong experience to treat patients with joint replacements, ligament injuries, neurological disorders for adults and infants head, neck and breast cancer.