Welcome to iPCU (Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Center)

iPCU - Integrated Physical Care Unit is the one stop physiotherapy and occupational therapy center for all kind a pain and physical challenges. iPCU found by the very young and energetic doctors with the very fresh concept. For our doctor's team iPCU means Innovation + Perfection + Conviction + Ultra Modern Facility.

The combination of Physio and Occupational therapist produce the fast recovery in the minimum time. With the help of our occupational therapists, we offer the best treatment for adults and children suffering from physical problems caused by neurological disorders. Our experienced physiotherapists are determined to give best treatment for post replacements of joints and post accidental injuries along with highly advanced electro therapy equipments.

iPCU also offers fitness packages from children to any age. Our fitness program is uniquely designed and our doctor will customize it as per the requirement. To achieve the great result highly qualified dieticians will take care of patient's diet.

For traditional injuries and disorders, we have evolved several unique methods to make our treatment more exciting and interactive to the patient. Our therapists have evolved some highly interactive methods to engage patients in activities of their liking, which eventually results in faster and effective healing.